- To support everything you need in the
   in the field electricity industry.
  - To provide quality solution for your
  Customer Requrirements  
-For the future,we at G.A.S. Company will continue working towards  
quality excellence in order to provide full customer satisfaction  
for our clients in Thailand and the region.  
- We are assured that we well be able to continue in our role as a  
  "leader in quality electrical products and services " in the Thai  electricity industry.
   Lightning Protection    Welding Powders
 Copper Compression Terminal    Copper lugs
 Mold connection blocks
Grounding Systems
 Grounding Systems
 Charoong Thai
Bonding Systems
Anchoring Systems
 Phelps dodge
 Flexible Conductors
 Bangkok Cables
 ESP Connectors
 Thai Yazaki
Power Fuse and Hot Line Tools
Disconnecting Switch/Sticks
Conductors,Insulators and Pole cover
Load Break Switch
Conduits and Bus Fittings
CADWELD Exothermic Welded Connections
ERITECH Ground Rods
ERICO Mechanical and Compression Connectors
Pre-engineered Bonding and Grounding Grids
GEM Ground Enhancement Material
Static Grounding Products

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